Stockton Bed and Breakfast, New Jersey Inns


Small, yet enchanting, the city of Stockton, New Jersey, is a great destination for a romantic weekend. First, check in to a luxurious Stockton bed and breakfast establishment, where you’ll enjoy the personal service missing from larger, more traditional hotels.

Stockton was founded as a ferry crossing in Hunterdon County, along the Delaware River. We’re near enough to New York city to serve as an easy, last-minute surprise trip. One of the most interesting sites here in Stockton, is a three-room school house, established in 1872, and still currently used for elementary classes! The intimate setting allows for individual teacher/student relationships that rival that of private schooling.

Stockton has been known by many names over the years. First as Reading Ferry, then Howell’s Ferry, then Centre Bridge Station, the city was finally named Stockton in 1851, and incorporated as a borough in 1898. There are so many peaceful, relaxing activities to experience here. Stroll along the Delaware River, buy some gifts for friends (and for yourself!) at the Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market. Boutiques, antique stores, wineries—all await the curious visitor to Stockton.

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