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The confluence of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers was a natural spot for Benjamin Eastburn and William Penn’s son Thomas to survey this thousand acre tract. This tract became “Lechawitauk”, the “place at the forks”, as the Indians called it. Centre Square, once known as The Great Square, was already in existence and served as a place to meet. The Declaration of Independence was read in this square on July 8, 1776. The local Easton bed and breakfast establishments add to the historic Pennsylvania flavor of your trip when you come to view a reenactment of this noteworthy event. Be sure to make your reservation when planning your trip.

The Lehigh Canal was built in 1829, and the town now known as Easton began to grow with new manufacturing, railroad lines, and commerce.

Don’t miss stopping by the Bachmann Tavern—the oldest building in the city. Much of the building is in its original state. You’ll be transported back to the early years of our country, when this building served as a courtroom, a private residence and a tavern.

The First United Church of Christ was built in 1775, and was used as a hospital during the Revolutionary War. The grand Herman Simon Mansion, in all its elegant glory, awaits your visit. The Lafayette Arch also beckons. Other lovely places to visit include Easton Cemetery, Easton Public Library, and many more.

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